Representing the rights of the construction industry employee…

When construction companies fail to implement the required safety measures to protect their workers, construction related accidents become all too common. With so many different types of potential hazards that can cause an injury, constructions sites are a considerably dangerous place to work.

Who is responsible?

Construction sites are often quite complex in terms of determining responsibility. The number of different companies that can share some responsibility for working conditions on the site can be quite large. There may be contractors and subcontractors as well as the landowner, engineers and equipment parts suppliers and manufacturers. Due to this complex nature, it is imperative you work with an attorney who can help you determine who is responsible for your injury.

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Types of Construction Site Accidents

Roofing Accident

Forklift Accident

Floor/Stair Collapse

Welding Accident

Fall Injuries

Heavy Equipment Accidents

Misuse of Tools

What about those who are just on site?

Compensation claims for construction accidents depend on the relationship between the person who is injured and the various people or companies that may share some or all of the responsibility for the accident taking place. A person who is not a worker at the site, for instance, a passer by or visitor, can make an ordinary personal injury claim if they are victim to negligence.