You Put your trust in them, but errors occurred

When you choose your doctor or medical facility, you are in fact putting your life in someone else's hands. Most doctors have the highest safety and controlled medical procedures in place, leaving no room for accident. But what if they don’t treat this responsibility with the respect it deserves? Yes, things happen no matter what, however, if these issues are a result of carelessness, irresponsibility, or even neglect, then the effects can have a serious impact on you, maybe even for the rest of your life.

Is it Medical Malpractice or Just Bad Luck?

Medical malpractice cases involve situations where a health care provider or organization made an avoidable mistake, or created an error-prone environment that lead to serious injury or death. If your situation is due to your medical personal making an avoidable error, then we may be able to assist you. We will review each case individually and see how we may be able to help.

Types of Medical Malpractice

Emergency Room Error

Prescription Mistake

Chiropractic Mistake

Dental Malpractice

Birth Injury

Surgical Neglect

What About the Insurance Companies?

Insurance companies representing the doctors and hospital will typically be reluctant to afford you the necessary compensation for your losses. Their lawyers may even try to intimidate you by contending that no liability exists at all, leaving you to deal with the injuries and the financial burdens on your own. We are not intimidated by these tactics, and will take the fight to them on your behalf.

Contact us with your specific case, and we will see how we can best assist you to receive the compensation you deserve!