Ross is Amazing!

My mother fell and broke her shoulder and knee very badly picking me up from the hospital of all things. She was in a care facility for a month and required multiple surgeries on her shoulder over the next 2 years. She had subsequent surgeries on her other arm after the knee collapsed and she fell and broke the other arm. This would have been uncovered as would all the assistance she requires to this day because she cannot grip or lift even heavy glassware or dishes or anything at all over her head. She can no longer use stairs without assistance and if she falls she simply has no possibility of catching herself.

None of these would have had any possibility of being addressed without the kind and diligent work of Ross Ziev. He was able to gather and make sense of all the medical paperwork, prepare and file all the legal paperwork and explain what was happening in a way that made sense even to us. Without him my Mother would have no way of taking care of herself and frankly I would have had no way of taking care of her either. He helped make life going forward much better than it otherwise would have been. Ross Ziev is an amazing lawyer and an amazing human being. I unequivocally recommend him.

— James M. Haste