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Anita* was involved in a motor vehicle collision with a negligent driver and was seriously injured. After months of doctor appointments, physical therapy, and time away from work, she is finally on the path to recovery.

Unfortunately, she found out the driver’s insurance company was only willing to pay a $50,000 settlement! This sum doesn’t cover all of her medical expenses, the wages she lost while recovering from her injuries and the pain and suffering she endured following the collision.

We hear stories like Anita’s every single day. However, Anita was able to change the narrative on her story and walk away with $1.25 million — all because she decided to let Legal Help in Colorado fight for her in her personal injury case.

*: The name used in this depiction was changed for confidentiality reasons.

When Your Healing, Livelihood, and Happiness are on the Line, You Need a Lawyer Who Will…

Listen Empathetically

We understand that you are going through a difficult time. That’s why we are here to listen to your story and provide you with the legal representation you deserve. Our team of experienced attorneys will take the time to understand your situation and provide you with the best possible legal advice. We want to help you determine the best path forward.

Think Outside the Box

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best legal representation possible. We will use our knowledge and experience to develop an innovative approach to your case, ensuring you get the best possible outcome. We will work hard to ensure that your rights are protected and that you get the compensation you deserve.

Fight for Your Best Interests

The Legal Help in Colorado team is committed to fighting for you no matter what. We understand that personal injury cases can be complex and difficult to navigate, but we are here to help. In our eyes, there are many paths to seeking justice. We will help you determine whether a settlement or court proceedings make the most sense.

Discover The Legal Help in Colorado Difference

When you need help with your personal injury case, you want an attorney with a deep commitment to seeking justice, not an attorney looking for a quick-turnaround settlement offer. When you work with Ross Ziev and the Legal Help in Colorado team, you’ll get a completely different experience than you’ve ever seen. We will work relentlessly to win your case, even if that means taking it to trial.

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“The Legal Help in Colorado Team was really wonderful! All of the attorneys and paralegals I spoke to were knowledgeable and kind. I’d been injured by a drunk driver, and they helped me get the maximum settlement from insurance. They took care of everything and made the process really easy for me! I’d recommend Legal Help in Colorado for sure.”

— Megan M.


“I would like to highly recommend this law firm to anyone who has been in a motor vehicle accident. This firm has been a true blessing from start to finish. They handled all my worries, insecurities and issues with professionalism. They fought for me as if I were family, I cannot say enough about this law firm, but if you need legal representation for a motor vehicle accident, you definitely need this law firm. Highest rating and approval I can give.. a grateful blessed survivor.. Many thanks for all you’ve done to help me.”

— Justin M.


Ross and his team saved the day… I was referred to Ross with only hours to file the necessary paperwork with the courts for my personal injury case. Not only did Ross and his staff accomplish this, but they stuck with me for months to make sure I was fairly taken care of.
Many thanks for your hard work!”

— Bret

About Legal Help in Colorado

Legal Help in Colorado’s track record speaks volumes about the firm’s ability to secure favorable client outcomes. Time and again, Ross Ziev and his team have demonstrated prowess in negotiating settlements that far surpass the initial offers made by insurance companies. Legal Help in Colorado’s expertise in personal injury law, combined with their unwavering commitment to clients, ensures that each person the firm represents receives the compensation they rightfully deserve.

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