Reviews from our clients.

“Ross Ziev handed me a check for $1,026,688.46 almost three years after my fall at a medical facility. The self insured hospital thought two operations and a stay at a rehab/nursing home were all that they needed to provide me. During the suit Ross shepherded my case thru reams of paper work, mediation, a pretrial hearing, and depositions as well as a three day trial. His command of Colorado law, precedent, and case law I observed during my trial was impressive. Because of Ross’ help, I now have the means to hire the assistance I need. Now I will never be a burden to my family. I am eternally grateful.”

“I have relied on the expertise of Ross Ziev several times and would recommend without hesitation. Had unsafe conditions landlord dispute and a bike accident – in each case he assisted with my medical care and compensation. Professional and competent when dealing with insurance companies and the legal system, he gets claims processed, court tickets dismissed, financial relief in your favor – reducing anxiety on many levels. Ross honestly cares for his clients, you will be glad he is your legal council. Have a stressful legal issue – call Ross!”

“I hired Ross after I was in a serious crash that totaled my car. He got me more than I expected and did a great job. I wasn’t even planning on hiring a lawyer but I’m glad I did.”

“Ross Ziev represented me in two separate cases and I am extremely satisfied with the results in both. Ross and his team had my back from the very beginning and I would recommend his office to anybody in the Denver area in need of excellent legal support. They see things through and make sure their clients are completely taken care of.”

“It was very easy to work through the settlement process with Help in Colorado. Ross was both very professional, easy to work and honest throughout the process. Our settlement was more than I thought we were entitled to and felt reasonable for all parties involved. I definitely would put my trust in Help in Colorado and know that you are working with people who care about your outcome and positive resolution.”

“Ross did an outstanding job helping with an auto accident that involved a close friend. He was patient and did a thorough and complete job. I have nothing but praise for his work and would highly recommend him!”

“I was feeling stuck in my case until Ross and Katie (Rock Stars to me) got on the case and helped me get the settlement I was hoping for. They were patient, communicative, thorough, and On top of it!!!! I can not thank them enough for all their hard work and compassion!”

“Ross is Amazing! My mother fell and broke her shoulder and knee very badly picking me up from the hospital of all things. She was in a care facility for a month and required multiple surgeries on her shoulder over the next 2 years. She had subsequent surgeries on her other arm after the knee collapsed and she fell and broke the other arm. This would have been uncovered as would all the assistance she requires to this day because she cannot grip or lift even heavy glassware or dishes or anything at all over her head. She can no longer use stairs without assistance and if she falls she simply has no possibility of catching herself. None of these would have had any possibility of being addressed without the kind and diligent work of Ross Ziev. He was able to gather and make sense of all the medical paperwork, prepare and file all the legal paperwork and explain what was happening in a way that made sense even to us. Without him my Mother would have no way of taking care of herself and frankly I would have had no way of taking care of her either. He helped make life going forward much better than it otherwise would have been. Ross Ziev is an amazing lawyer and an amazing human being. I unequivocally recommend him.”

“I am so glad that I hired Ross!! I was in a car accident, totaled my car and had personal injuries and didn’t really know the depth of my claim until I saw Ross Ziev. He thoroughly explained everything, guided me through the process and has patience of a Saint!! I received more money than I thought and wouldn’t have, if I didn’t have him fighting for me every inch of the way.
I HIGHLY recommend Ross Ziev!!”

“After our car accident, I was not going to look into any additional action after the car was fixed. Talking to Ross with Help in Colorado he helped me understand the benefits of having a personal injury attorney and it sounded like a good idea. Our case was handled professionally with communication throughout the process. There was very little work needed on our end it was great to know there was someone working on our behalf. Once the case was settled we were very happy with the outcome and thankful to have such a great team looking out for us. I am thankful to have that behind us and be able to move forward knowing we made the best decision for our family to seek help after the car accident”

“Personal injury is very private and can be an emotional time, Ross was very empathetic and he understands personal injury himself. We were left disappointed with our original lawyer, after learning his lack of effort may have been due to a friendship he had with opposing counsel. We were very lucky to stumble across Ross and his team through a recommendation. Ross was very thorough and we knew the entire time that he was fighting for us. He was able to keep the facts of the case in plain view at all times, despite opposing counsel trying to muddy the details along with my reputation. Ross came through BIG time and it really wouldn’t have happened without him.”

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